SHAS Consultancy advises and represents a wide spectrum of clients that include individuals, organizations, industrial and commercial enterprises and financial institutions — public and private, domestic and foreign — ranging in size and complexity of operations from small, single-location, single-business sole proprietors, small and medium enterprises, to large, diverse national and multinational corporations and international institutions. They include some of the largest and most successful private and public limited companies, corporate groups, multinational corporations, financial institutions and international institutions operating in UK and abroad as well as statutory bodies, governmental agencies, regulatory authorities and non-governmental organizations including associations, trusts, societies, foundations and charitable organizations.

We understand the unique demands of different industries, and take pride in finding customized solutions for all their business needs. Our aim is to provide consistently high quality advice that combines technical expertise and an understanding of the commercial environment in which our clients operate. 

At the centre of the client-attorney relationship is trust and, in the current state of the world we live in, nothing could be more important. In today's challenging environment of fierce competition, global markets, volatile economies and complex human issues, our time-tested role as trusted advisor has become even more critical. We want to be the trusted lieutenants of our clients, the first persons to whom they turn towards in their hours of need and for the accomplishment of their objectives. To be that trusted advisor, we ensure that we know what we are talking about. We interact proactively with clients, so that they desire to work with us. We focus on finding the right solution for the client and do not try to fit the problem into one pre-determined legal solution or the other. We seek to understand what is important to the client and deliver accordingly.