SHAS consultancy is a UK based service firm with multiple areas of expertise and particular emphases, strengths and specialist capabilities in a number of corpo-legal lingual sectors. The Firm’s combination of expertise, skill, experience, resourcefulness, professionalism and its unrelenting pursuit of excellence enables it to deliver high-quality and seamless  services, which marks it out as one of the foremost emerging firms.

SHAS Consultancy provides international-standard translation and interpreting, advice and coordination services in relation to Pakistani laws, matters and courts and coordinate and liaise with  Pakistani law firms and lawyers for the clients based in UK and around the world. Drafting of contracts, agreements, memorandums, letters and other corporate correspondence in connection with the assignments is also one of the service provided to many of the less educated community of UK having their issues overseas. Translation, transcription and interpreting are also one of the major areas of work in the legal sector which includes translation of confidential information and documents according to the international standards of data protection and translation and interpretation.  The Firm offers a quality of service and a degree of professionalism that belies its size.  The Firm’s chief executive draw on their collective experience of having previously served as principal associates in one of the leading law firms of Pakistan and served the Bars upto the Supreme Court. He's a member of Chartered Institute of Linguist (MCIL) and is a qualified interpreter.

The Firm’s combined professional experience and expertise encompass a wide-range of tasks, which enables it to effectively undertake complex matters and address critical issues, including legal research, legal advice and consultancy, formulation of legal opinions and strategies, conducting negotiations, drafting legal documents, legal representation and dispute resolution (litigation, arbitration and mediation).

The Firm also offers all the services of an in-house legal department to entrepreneurs, businesses, institutions and organizations that cannot afford (or do not want) to maintain a legal department. Additionally, the Firm acts as an additional resource to those businesses, institutions and organizations that do employ in-house lawyers.

On the litigation side, the Firm does not conducts cases itself but coordinate with law firms and lawyers from Pakistan at all levels, from the lower courts at the District level up to the Provincial High Courts and Supreme Courts as well as special courts, tribunals and arbitrators.  All lawyers  and  Firm are referred keeping in view the nature of the services required by the clients and their capacity to pay.